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Mark West Creek Flow Availability Analysis

In conjunction with the Sonoma Resource Conservation District and the Friends of the Mark West Watershed, the Coast Range Watershed Institute is implementing a multi-year study of hydrologic conditions in the upper Mark West Creek Watershed with funding from the state's Wildlife Conservation Board.  The project will focus on the development, calibration, and application of a detailed integrated hydrologic model to improve the understanding of streamflow and groundwater conditions throughout the watershed.  Streamflow conditions will be evaluated relative to requirements for salmonids and restoration prioritization maps will be generated to help guide restoration planning efforts in the watershed.  In addition to describing existing conditions, the project will simulate future conditions resulting from climate change and provide a platform for testing strategies aimed at preserving or enhancing streamflow conditions.

For more information, please see the February 2018 community presentation sponsored by the Friends of the Mark West Watershed.




We are seeking landowners in the upper Mark West Creek and Mill Creek watersheds who are interested in participating in our study.  Specifically, we are seeking landowners interested in allowing us access to monitor groundwater elevations in their wells and/or those with existing records of groundwater elevations that they are willing to share with us.  There is very limited groundwater elevation data available in the watersheds and your participation is critical to the shared goals of improving the understanding of hydrologic conditions and ensuring the sustainability of streamflow conditions for people and wildlife now and in the future. 


If you are interested in participating please contact Matt O'Connor at